Public Relations / ‘pəblik / ri’lã sh ən s/

Plural noun: The professional maintenance of a favorable public image.

With roots in the Myspace era, Strive PR was part of the digital revolution that took over the music industry in the new millennium. We experienced the new ways of promoting music and events thoroughly, and are part of the ever changing industry since. We understand the needs of bands, artists and organizers, and therefore offer our expertise to reach a desired audience. Our selection of services include:

A network of media relations

As a Junior PR Manager at Epitaph Records and ANTI- Records, the founder of Strive PR established a network of media relations throughout Europe that is still growing. We cover a wide range of alternative press, knowing exactly which media outlets fit your needs.


To serve you with the best results, we write convincing pieces of text in support of your campaign. We help you to further develop your concept or idea and provide you with persuasive texts to build and maintain a strong public image.

Strategic campaign planning

Good ideas require a plan and outstanding time management. Strive PR helps you to plan your campaign and to successfully execute it following an agreed route.